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Got Fox?
"Ever since I moved to the ‘burbs, I have become a dedicated and somewhat obsessed student of the infamous Lisa Fox… she has literally changed my life (and body)!!! 
You know when someone walks by and the whole room stares at “those arms”, “that butt”, and “that flat tummy”???  Well, they got it all from Lisa…
Her class is a core-based blend-of Lotte Berk Method, yoga, and pilates -that gives you a thorough fat burning and toning workout in just one hour (you can do it in between your pickups, I swear!!!).
While her class is challenging and extremely effective, it is also both fun and safe for all levels.. she even welcomes women who are expecting (with a note from your doctor of course). 

People try it once and are hooked for life…she is famous for giving you that tight, toned, and feminine body you have always dreamed of… 
We are loving Lisa even more these days because she has added a cardio - based class on Saturday mornings (good for the morning after a night on the town!). Lisa Fox is a Power Mom fan and she is offering my reader’s their first class free…just be sure to mention Power Mom!  You can go to her website or call her studio to get her schedule of classes…

Stay tuned…xxoo Alison

Gladys K.

With much warmth and appreciation…
Thank you Lisa - your method has reshaped my body and improved my posture and flexibility.  Your watchful eye, constant encouragement, and pushing me past my comfort zone allowed me to achieve my very tangible results.  I am doing things that at first seemed impossible.  This class is a no competition zone, everybody that attends your class works toward their individual goals and it is about getting your body to do what you want it to do that that defines fitness.    
Gladys K.


Mindy and Viv

"This is the workout for life and the only one you will need to maintain a long, lean and healthy body. 
Not to mention the benefit of having the consummate teacher, with unwavering energy and enthusiasm for her craft. Lisa's "regulars" include teenagers, young moms, baby boomers and grandmothers.
Be prepared to work hard, feel strong and see noticeable results with never a dull moment!  xo"


“The level of service at Lisa Fox Exercise Studio is fantastic. I am impressed by the professionalism and exercise courses at Lisa Fox Exercise Studio. Thank you!”

Diane and Hannah


"There is nothing like Lisa Fox and the Fox method!  This one class does it all—strengthening, tapering, toning-- while also improving flexibility and balance.
Most important, Lisa is a wonderfully motivating and fun teacher, who always provides individualized attention to all of her students whatever their level of fitness.  This one class can take the place of three other classes and you will come out with better results. I am a client of over 10 years, and now my young adult daughter has joined the class too, and loves it as much as I do. Lisa, you’re the best!"