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About Lisa Fox

Lisa Fox is the founder and creator of The Fox Method of exercise.  This full-body exercise program draws from the principles of ballet barre technique, core training, cardiac conditioning, Pilates and yoga.


Lisa's diverse background includes a Master of Arts in English and American Literature from NYU, followed by several years as an editor at a financial trade publication.


Along the way,  she became an avid exerciser and sports enthusiast -- participating in everything from dance aerobics, kickboxing and spinning to tennis and horseback riding.  Her enthusiasm brought her to a cable TV fitness show, where she smiled and exercised behind world famous instructor Patricia Moreno. 


It was the discovery of the Lotte Berk Method in NYC and Bridgehampton that changed her approach to exercise for life.  The clients at Lotte Berk Method had the body type she was trying to achieve, and it offered a very balanced approach to fitness.


After several years as a client, she trained with one of the Lotte Berk Method's top instructors and teacher trainers.


Life eventually brought her to New Jersey where she decided to open her own studio.  That was in 1999



Lisa has created a dynamic environment -- constantly updating and improving upon her original techniques to give her clients the best results possible.


The studio continues to thrive  and remains an extremely effective and safe way to achieve a lean physique.